Monthly Insurance Rates Too High

If you do hold policies with different auto insurance companies, take the time to compare rates. Call your auto insurance agents and see who can give you the best deal on all of your auto insurance premiums. Without shopping around you will never know which auto insurance business can offer you the cheapest rates on the coverage you need. Rates vary greatly from company to company, so shopping can save you, in some cases as much as $400 or $500 per year. Online rate quotes are a convenient and free way to compare rates of prospective auto insurers. There is no obligation, the estimates are free, and it takes only 20 to 30 minutes to gather 3 to 5 quotes.

When shopping for a policy, insurers will normally ask you a list of questions regarding your driving history. For example, the insurer may ask if you have been involved in any accidents lately. Some drivers, anticipating that revealing an accident will cause their rates to rise, lie and deny previous accidents. This is a bad idea for several reasons. Not only does it constitute fraud, but also if an insurer finds out about the accident after, it may revoke coverage. Your profession can ease discounted premium rates than you think. Inquire from the auto insurance firm, if your profession will be considered under the low-risk group. Insurance companies group individuals under high risk and low risk, and low risk professionals are honored with reduced premiums. Low annual mileage is another unique way of getting best auto insurance rates. Supply a certificate of safe driving and walk away with a cheap auto insurance premium. The Insurance Information Initiate has compiled a summary of the top 5 most high-priced states for automobile insurance:

  • Louisiana
  • New Jersey
  • New York

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