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When it is that time again for car insurance comparison australia then there are a few things that need to be taken into account. There is good and bad news to this.
The bad news is that every insurance company you speak with requires you to give them a lot of details to do with your car and personal history before they can even give you a quote. The good news is that with the advent
of the internet this makes your job a lot easier.

From only one location these days you can submit the same set of answers that vehicle insurance companies are looking for and you will almost instantly get a quote and will be able to purchase your insurance online. Also you can get comparison car insurance it will help make your decision more accurate.

Many Australian’s find this method of buying insurance a little frustrating because some people believe they could still haggle the insurers down to an even cheaper price if they spoke with them on the phone or in person.

Truth be told the profits that insurance companies make are around 10 to 15% maximum if not much lower since more and more competitors have entered the market. Therefore the days of heavily reduced premiums may just be over.
I believe that insurance costs can be saved by changing the variable that these companies use to quote you on insurance in the first place. Insurance is all based on passed statistical data, therefore if you just ‘altered’ the value that insurance companies place on answers to questions such as “have you taken an advance driving course?” you can save on your premium. It must be noted however that you should never lie on your application especially for full comprehensive insurance as your contract will most likely be void if the truth comes to light.

The idea is you can spend a little bit of time to change your circumstances for a cheaper insurance policy. The obvious circumstances may be to buy a cheaper car, decide to drive less and take public transport to work for instance or opt for a new professional drivers licence through the roads and traffic authority.

If you prefer to drive your expensive luxury car though and still want to save on insurance there may not be that much hope – For instance some insurance companies will only insure certain cars if all nominated drivers are over the age of 30 for example.

To not be too disheartened, many Australian’s have saved on their premiums due to the internet. Once all prices have become transparent through comparison websites there is not much room for large car insurance companies to hide when it comes to yearly prices for customers. The days of trying to reduce your premiums by calling individual companies is over you can save a lot of time by simply seeing many prices from the one spot.

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